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Strategy AC2.8: Encourage joint-use agreements for school buses or bus-shares to serve other transportation needs during off-hours.

Strategy Description

Currently, North Carolina General Statute 115C-524 states that “local boards of education may adopt rules and regulations under which they may enter into agreements permitting non school groups to use school and personal property, except for school buses, for other than school purposes so long as such use is consistent with the proper preservation and care of the public school property. No liability shall attach to any board of education, individually or collectively, for personal injury suffered by reason of the use of such school property pursuant to such agreements.” However, transit advocates should work with legislators to amend the statute to include school buses in the scope of facilities available for joint use.

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • California School Boards Association allows the use of school buses by nonprofits for purposes of community recreation.

Asheville Transit | Image Credit: LandDesign


AC2: Promote transit options in the region.