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Strategy AC2.6: Create express bus and employment service between towns.

Strategy Description

This is very similar to park-and-ride lots, and can be implemented after the park-and-ride service is running or concurrently. This service would focus on connecting the downtowns and major employment centers in the region to each other, rather than terminating one end of the trip at a park-and-ride lot. This could be done by extending further shuttles that serve park-and-ride lots to also serve downtowns on the same trips, although some shuttles would just be direct from downtown to downtown. Whereas park-and-ride service would be focused, initially, on bringing workers into downtown Asheville, express job shuttles could connect Buncombe County residents with employment centers in Hendersonville, Canton, Waynesville, and other locations.

Additional Information / Case Studies

Asheville Transit | Image Credit: LandDesign


AC2: Promote transit options in the region.