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Strategy AC2.5: Expand rural public transit systems and services to include more underserved areas.

Strategy Description

Currently there are only a few fixed-route transit systems in the GroWNC region. Asheville Transit provides service to the greater Asheville area and to the Asheville Regional Airport. Apple Country Transit operates fixed-route service in the Hendersonville area with one route that connects to the Asheville Regional Airport. Mountain Mobility has three fixed routes that run in Black Mountain, Weaverville, and the Enka/Candler areas.

In addition, each of the five counties in the GroWNC region has their own county-wide transit agency that provides demand-responsive services throughout the individual county, as well as some out-of-county trips for medical purposes. Each of these systems should investigate the possibility of expanding to provide services in underserved areas, especially those with high poverty levels. Systems should look to connect with each other to provided service to and from the region’s employment centers.

Additional Information / Case Studies

Asheville Transit | Image Credit: LandDesign


AC2: Promote transit options in the region.