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Strategy AC2.3: Implement service improvement recommendations from the Asheville Transit Plan.

Strategy Description

The 2009 Asheville Transit Plan included recommendations to improve service frequency and hours for key routes in the Asheville Transit service area. These improvements are vital to creating a robust transit system in the region and should be pursued. Having higher frequency and longer service days/hours will remove one of the key barriers to transit adoption, which is that service is often inconvenient compared to private automobile use. Any eventual transit success requires good access to bus stops and to a range of desirable destinations. Stop amenities like bus shelters and access to real-time bus arrival time information can also make transit a more enjoyable, and thus more frequently utilized, option. The service improvements also can be undertaken incrementally to provide sustainable growth and evolution in service as funding and demand dictate.

Additional Information / Case Studies

Asheville Transit | Image Credit: LandDesign


AC2: Promote transit options in the region.