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Strategy AC1.5: Enhance coordination of ongoing greenway planning and implementation. Consider updating and expanding the 2008 regional greenway system study.

Strategy Description

A well-connected system of greenways provides a variety of benefits that improve the economic, environmental, and social health of a region. Greenways generate economic activity and increase the property value of adjacent properties. They serve as both transportation and recreation corridors. Greenways improve individual and community health by providing a network of facilities for active living. In addition, greenways serve as wildlife corridors and enhance water and air quality. Land conservancies, local jurisdictions, private businesses, and other agencies should work together to identify and prioritize a regional system of greenways. This information should be communicated to local governments for implementation at the jurisdictional level.

Additional Information / Case Studies

French Broad River Greenway | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council


AC1: Improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity between neighborhoods and community destinations.