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Strategy AC1.11: Develop partnerships to create Bike Share Programs.

Strategy Description

Modern bike sharing programs—large fleets of bicycles designed for low-cost, short-term use and made available at closely-spaced rental stations—have the potential to transform cities. Bike sharing is good for cities in many ways. It delivers all the benefits of bicycling: by replacing car trips, it helps the environment, road congestion, the economy, parking, mobility, and traffic safety. In addition, bike sharing has unique advantages. It is more convenient and affordable than bike ownership for many residents; it helps overcome barriers to using a bike in a city, such as theft and storage; it generates revenue for municipalities and private companies; it creates new jobs; it motivates cities to improve bike infrastructure; it both connects to, and relieves pressure on, transit; it provides branding for a city; and it introduces new audiences to bicycling. Bike advocates in the region should work together and conduct a study to understand the feasibility of a bike share program.

Additional Information / Case Studies

B-Station (Bike Sharing Station) in Charlotte, NC | Image Credit: Virginia A. Faust, NC Division of Community Assistance/ARC.


AC1: Improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity between neighborhoods and community destinations.