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Strategy AC1.10: Increase the amount of secure bicycle parking in commercial centers.

Strategy Description

Strategies to increase the amount of secure bicycle parking in commercial centers include conducting a survey to include cycle counts and the availability and occupancy rates of existing on- and off-street bike parking facilities; requiring a standard number of bike parking spaces in new developments; and providing incentives, such as tax breaks, to landowners that provide ample bike facilities.

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • The City of Asheville has several secure bike lockers downtown.

    • Portland, Oregon has an interactive map with secure bike parking facilities.

    • The City of Greenville, SC has a Bicycle Master Plan that specifically recommends that all new developments should incorporate bike parking facilities into new developments. the City also has a parking ordinance that establishes a minimum number of bike parking spaces based on a percentage of automobile parking for all development.


AC1: Improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity between neighborhoods and community destinations.