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RC8: Raise awareness of the region’s system of natural assets.


RC7.8: Maintain updated county-level Natural Heritage Inventories. Read more »
RC8.1: Initiate a voluntary education program for increasing awareness among landowners to maintain healthy water quality on their land. Read more »
RC8.2: Promote and expand existing water quality and conservation education campaigns. Read more »
RC8.3: Develop programs with local school districts to educate youth on the value of natural resources to the region. Tie into North Carolina K-12 State curriculum. Create a Sustainability Educator position. Read more »
RC8.4: Educate citizens about the benefits of planting native species in place of non-native ornamentals in residential landscaping. Read more »
RC8.5: Explore the carrying capacity of the region as it relates to limited resources such as water, and identify minimum thresholds, benchmarks of parameters, and other tools. Read more »
RC8.6: Develop a regional education strategy that reaches across sectors and incorporates some or all of the following components: outreach campaign, public service announcements, and media articles to connect people with local environmental issues. Read more »
RC8.7: Develop local sustainability plans. Read more »
RC8.8: Use available landslide hazard mapping, or fund additional mapping, to identify areas where landslides may occur currently or occur during land development to reduce the chances of increased sedimentation into the area's waterways. Read more »