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RC7: Improve monitoring and data collection to build awareness of the region’s natural assets.


RC7.1: Develop a "citizen scientist" program to collect local natural resource data. Read more »
RC7.2: Expand or adapt the Neighborhood Water Watch project for other communities in the region. Read more »
RC7.3: Develop a regional Intelligent Rivers program to monitor and analyze the management of water resources in the region. Read more »
RC7.4: Augment existing natural resource inventories with local inventories by qualified biologists with expertise in ecology. Read more »
RC7.5: Track U.S. Census of Agriculture data for number of farms and farm size in the region, and maintain over time. Read more »
RC7.6: Maintain Linking Lands and Communities data and tools. Read more »
RC7.7: Develop a refined forestry assessment to augment the Linking Lands and Communities Agricultural Assessment. Read more »
RC7.9: Develop examples and illustrations of the socioeconomic impacts of a loss or degradation of a natural asset that can be used by a variety of organizations in their education and advocacy efforts. Read more »