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RC4: Preserve the region's scenic beauty.


The region is known for its majestic mountain views and beautiful pastoral scenes. The clean air and landscapes that contribute to these scenes are, however, in jeopardy. Air pollution from increased traffic has led to reduced visibility in some parts of the Appalachians. Forests and farms are threatened by urbanization pressures.


RC4.1: Pass local night sky ordinances tailored to each community’s preferences and needs. Read more »
RC4.2: Maintain rural character by preserving contiguous landscapes. Read more »
RC4.3: Raise awareness about nighttime light pollution related to wildlife, safety, and stargazing. Read more »
RC4.4: Utilize existing viewshed studies to determine and mitigate potential impacts on views and viewsheds of national significance, such as the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail. Read more »
RC4.5: Encourage viewshed protection through design standards and sensitive development practices. Promote the use of local and regional resources. Read more »
RC4.6: Conduct additional studies to determine viewsheds of regional significance (for example, views from scenic byways, overlooks, and high-volume land- and water-based recreational trails). Read more »