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HC2: Promote the development of a variety of housing options available to a diversity of income levels.


HC2.1: Identify local funding sources for residential or commercial projects that meet locally-set affordability criteria. Identify ways for developers to connect to these funding sources. Read more »
HC2.2: Establish a regional housing planning assistance team that provides technical assistance—such as project feasibility, finance, strategic planning, and environmental review—to small-scale builders. Read more »
HC2.3: Identify funding sources of pre-designed architectural plans for housing to facilitate development of denser, more affordable housing, including co-housing communities, "dorms," cottage-style homes, and townhomes. Read more »
HC2.4: Create Housing Trust Funds in Henderson, Madison, Haywood, and Transylvania Counties. Expand Housing Trust Funds in Asheville and Buncombe County by identifying or creating a source for recurring funds. Read more »
HC2.5: Revise state policies related to low-income housing tax credits to enable greater availability and use of these tax credits. Read more »
HC2.6: Provide information to large employers to establish employer-assisted housing or housing assistance packages. Read more »
HC2.7 : Develop “early warning systems” with data on expiring federally-subsidized properties in order to keep track of at-risk housing and allocate resources appropriately.   Read more »
HC2.8: Develop educational opportunities about innovative home ownership models, including the Cooperative Ownership model and Community Land Trusts. Read more »
HC2.9: Showcase local examples and recognize providers to highlight successes and projects that maintain housing affordability over time. Read more »