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Health and Wellness

The health of the GroWNC population, if measured only in terms of the frequency of illness or disease (morbidity) and the number of deaths (mortality), is relatively consistent with the health of the U.S. and North Carolina populations, with a few exceptions.

Existing plans, data, and studies were collected, analyzed, and synthesized into an Existing Conditions Report for each topic. Here is a link to the Health and Wellness Chapter if you’d like to read more. Workgroups were formed around each topic area to review existing conditions, identify issues and goals, and recommend strategies. To learn more about the background of this topic, read the Existing Conditions Report and review the workgroup’s meeting notes and related information on the workgroup’s webpage. The goals identified by all the workgroups are listed in the GroWNC Regional Plan on pages 29-37.

The Oaks Trail in Black Mountain | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council

Sample Strategies

AC1.2: Expand pedestrian and bicycle data collection. Assess current gaps, barriers, safety hazards, and usage. Read more »
HCO6.4: Target recruitment and training efforts on medical positions and specialties that are lacking in our region. Read more »
RC5.8: Develop partnerships to identify target areas and remove invasive species and restore native species. Read more »
HCO6.1: Build upon existing data regarding the geographic distribution of medical facilities to determine the location of gaps relative to population centers. Read more »
RC6.1: Develop and support more field trips for students to visit historical and cultural resources. Read more »