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EI2: Improve residential, commercial, and industrial sector energy performance through the promotion of sustainable design, energy efficiency, conservation, and advanced energy analytics.


EI2.1: Expand local efforts to increase the use of energy-efficient building materials, maintenance practices, and fixtures. Read more »
EI2.10: Provide no-cost energy efficiency assessments to existing commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. Read more »
EI2.2: Provide incentives for affordable housing projects that incorporate renewable energy and other sustainability measures. Read more »
EI2.3: Reduce heating and cooling costs in mobile homes and other energy-inefficient homes by working with existing energy assistance organizations. Read more »
EI2.4: Improve residential energy efficiency through low-cost financing options and grants. Read more »
EI2.5: Conduct energy efficiency assessments of city- and county-owned facilities. Read more »
EI2.6: Work with energy utility companies and cooperatives to promote residential energy audits using free online tools, such as ENERGY STAR and Duke Energy, or a professional energy auditor. Read more »
EI2.7: Identify tools and strategies to assist businesses and governments in identifying easily-achievable tasks to save electricity and reduce environmental impacts. Read more »
EI2.8: Seek improvements to state building codes to increase energy efficiency standards. Read more »
EI2.9: Develop policies to encourage LEED or comparable certification standards for all new city- and county-owned buildings and major renovations. Read more »