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Strategy HCO3.4: Promote and expand the use of EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) outside of Buncombe County to purchase food at farmers markets.

Strategy Description

Perhaps the most important factor related to the accessibility of farmers markets for low-income consumers is the capacity to accept federal nutrition benefits as payment. Currently, nearly three-quarters of farmers markets do not accept SNAP, FMNP, and/or SFMNP, a primary financial source of the household budget for many members of low-income communities. Strategies to develop the infrastructure to accept federal nutrition benefits include a central point-of-sale system and customized incentive programs that match federal benefits, among others.

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • The Eat Smart, Move More NC created a guide that explains the process of implementing SNAP/EBT cards at farmers' markets throughout the state. The guide also provides the best ways to promote access to customers.

    • Moore County, NC also accepts SNAP/BT cards.


HCO3: Improve access to healthy foods in all communities throughout the region.