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Strategy BE3.6: Track attendance at outdoor cultural events and incorporate into metrics such as the Creative Vitality Index.

Strategy Description

Cultural events, the arts, the economy, and natural resources are inextricably linked. Raw materials for crafters are garnered from the farms and forestlands throughout the region. Inspiration is drawn from the majesty of the mountain environs. Revelers are drawn to outdoor festivals by the music and the bucolic surroundings. It is essential to gain a better understanding of the economic benefit of cultural events in the region. Similar to Strategy BE3.5, the WNC Cultural Alliance could work with existing organizations, such as the Blue Ridge Natural Heritage Area and the Mountain Resources Commission, to build on the existing efforts to track attendance at regional outdoor cultural events.

Additional Information / Case Studies

Old Fort Mountain Music | Image Credit: Cedric N. Chatterley | Courtesy of the North Carolina Arts Council


BE3: Promote the region's arts-based economy.