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Strategy BE3.5: Assess the economic impact of cultural resources and track over time.

Strategy Description

For most industries, sales are tracked at both state and federal levels. Currently, this is not happening with the arts, craft, or heritage tourism industry. In order for the region to assess the impact of cultural resources and use that data to assist policy makers in decision making, more reliable data needs to be collected. The WNC Cultural Alliance should work with the arts sector to establish a process for gathering data. This information should be collected and managed at a regional level. Potential partners to assist in this effort include local universities, chambers of commerce, county arts organizations, etc.

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • During fiscal year 2010, the total economic impact of the Nonprofit Arts and Culture Industry was $1.24 billion in the state of North Carolina, according to a study completed by Americans for the Arts and the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources.

Barn Quilt Loop Trail Marker at the Spring Creek Community Center in Madison County | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council


BE3: Promote the region's arts-based economy.