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BE5: Develop skilled workers to help businesses compete.


A healthy and prosperous economy depends on a skilled workforce. A resilient economy’s workforce is diverse, and includes highly educated employees, technical service providers, and middle-skill workers. One of the keys to a productive and skilled workforce is a good system of educational opportunities, including post-high school workforce development options. The GroWNC region has significant education assets, including a variety of post-secondary colleges and universities. The ability to match educational offerings provided at these institutions with the local jobs available will not only keep young talent in the area, but will provide retraining and upskilling opportunities for displaced workers.


BE5.1: Support and strengthen workforce development training for ethnic minorities and women. Read more »
BE5.2: Host job fairs in low income areas. Read more »
BE5.3: Create demand-driven and targeted workforce development strategies that enable employers to articulate needs more precisely to existing workforce development providers. Read more »
BE5.4: Create more short-term workforce development classes (less than six months) that meet immediate workforce demand, such as Certified Logistics Associate, Certified Logistics Technician, CNC Machinist, and Fundamentals of Automated Machining. Read more »
BE5.5: Design policies that enable neighborhoods and communities to leverage their unique economic assets and support strengthening small businesses, minority- and women-owned businesses, and enterprises owned by people with disabilities. Read more »