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The energy needs of the five-county GroWNC region continue to evolve as the population grows and new businesses are being attracted to the region. The GroWNC region is striving to become a sustainable, healthy, and economically prosperous region. A key aspect of
sustainable growth is a clean and efficient energy supply that is secure and reliable currently and well into the future.

Existing plans, data, and studies were collected, analyzed, and synthesized into an Existing Conditions Report for each topic. Here is a link to the Energy Chapter if you’d like to read more. Workgroups were formed around each topic area to review existing conditions, identify issues and goals, and recommend strategies. To learn more about the background of this topic, read the Existing Conditions Report and review the workgroup’s meeting notes and related information on the workgroup’s webpage. The goals identified by all the workgroups are listed in the GroWNC Regional Plan on pages 29-37.

Solar Panels in Downtown Asheville | Image Credit: LandDesign

Sample Strategies

EI3.4: Offer preferred parking spaces and/or discounted parking rates for low-emission and energy-efficient vehicles at public and private parking lots and garages. Read more »
EA3.2: Create a mentor program between local government officials around the region to encourage cooperation and interregional coordination. Read more »
EI1.4: Identify barriers to, and successful examples of, community-level solar power generation. Package this information to share with interested communities. Read more »
EI4.5: Continue to expand education programs about energy consumption from fossil fuels and related impacts (including visual/interactive tools). Read more »
EI1.2: Provide incentives for local green energy production and usage, including solar panels and wind turbines. Read more »