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GroWNC To Launch Strategy Toolkit on October 15

Mon, 09/09/2013 - 01:14 -- admin

The GroWNC project team announced today that it will launch a new digital Strategy Toolkit for the project on October 15. Visitors to the Strategy Toolkit—a Drupal-based website—will be able to review, search, and filter the implementation strategies that have emerged as a part of the GroWNC process. The Strategy Toolkit, created by the digital design team at UNC Asheville's National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC), presents strategies for action identified by the community through the GroWNC process, and will include:

  • Almost 300 action strategies identified through the GroWNC process, which can be searched by key word or filtered by theme, topic, or scale
  • Topic pages, corresponding to the GroWNC Workgroups, will contain related background information and sample strategies
  • Theme pages, introduced by a set of recommendations that tie directly back to goal statements developed by Workgroup members earlier in the process
  • Geographic Area pages, providing background and suggesting strategies that might be particularly relevant to a particular area
  • An interactive MapViewer that allows users to interact with various datasets utilized in the GroWNC process

The GroWNC Regional Plan, a narrative report describing the planning process and outlining the recommendations and strategies, the GroWNC Executive Summary that accompanies the Regional Plan, and details of the planning process—including information on community input, events, administration, funding, development of the regional vision and "Preferred Scenario," and a large collection of regional maps and posters—can be found on the GroWNC website.