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Strategy RC8.6: Develop a regional education strategy that reaches across sectors and incorporates some or all of the following components: outreach campaign, public service announcements, and media articles to connect people with local environmental issues.

Strategy Description

  • Educate landowners, nurseries, landscape architects, and others about the role of sustainable forestry in maintaining a system’s resiliency, and the negative impacts of poor forestry practices.
  • Develop educational materials and programs to educate decision makers, community leaders, and landowners about the role of natural systems in protecting the region’s communities from natural disturbances and climate change.
  • Develop graphics, simplified flow charts, and other visual materials that communicate the interdependence of natural resource systems and economic prosperity and that can be used in outreach efforts across the region.
  • Educate landowners, nurseries, landscape architects, and others about the region’s most resilient natural systems/species, and the role that biodiversity plays in this resiliency.

Additional Information / Case Studies


RC8: Raise awareness of the region’s system of natural assets.