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BE3: Promote the region's arts-based economy.


Generations of artists have called Western North Carolina home. Today, there are more than 130 galleries across the region. A report from the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design states that the total annual economic impact of the craft industry on the economy is over $200 million. For the region to fully capitalize on its arts-based assets, it is important to protect, encourage, appreciate, and support an arts-based creative economy. Organizations such as HandMade in America are key partners in promoting and growing the region’s arts-based economy.


BE3.1: Integrate arts and culture as a strategic advantage for the WNC region and essential to community, economic, and business development, encouraging arts-based development and enterprises. Read more »
BE3.2: Develop a brand for the region’s arts, cultural, and heritage resources. Read more »
BE3.3: Develop a regional online directory for artists, crafters, musicians, and other creative entrepreneurs in addition to the resources provided by HandMade in America. Read more »
BE3.4: Continue to develop the WNC Cultural Alliance to create a unified voice for the cultural resources community in WNC through a variety of activities. Read more »
BE3.5: Assess the economic impact of cultural resources and track over time. Read more »
BE3.6: Track attendance at outdoor cultural events and incorporate into metrics such as the Creative Vitality Index. Read more »
BE3.7: Improve advocacy for cultural resources to ensure that community leaders and decision makers value and support cultural resources as a key industry cluster. Read more »