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BE1: Develop a supply of highly-marketable, development-ready sites to attract companies that bring quality, living wage jobs to the region.


Key to attracting new jobs to the region is ensuring there is a supply of available sites with access to the main transportation corridors, water and sewer service, educated labor pools, and internet infrastructure. Through local land use policies, targeted infrastructure investments, site certification, and brownfield redevelopment, the region can provide a supply of prepared sites available to expanding and relocating businesses.


BE1.1: Preserve industrial lands for employment-generating uses. Read more »
BE1.2: Identify areas throughout the region for targeted infrastructure investments. Read more »
BE1.3: Facilitate the redevelopment and reinvestment in vacant, underutilized, and brownfield properties. Read more »
BE1.4: Develop a regional certified sites program. Read more »
BE1.5: Market the region as a location of choice for companies' headquarters in target industries. Read more »