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Strategy RC1.8: Develop programs or demonstration projects that encourage green roofs and solar canopies.

Strategy Description

Green roofs, also called vegetated roofs, have proven to reduce stormwater runoff, pollutant loads, and reduce peak flow related to storm events. Less runoff means less land is necessary for traditional retention methods, which reduces costs of traditional stormwater infrastructure for a site and for a town or city. Green roofs can also serve as an amenity, reduce heating bills, and provide wildlife habitat. Pairing green roofs with solar canopies can improve solar panel efficiency while reducing stormwater and reducing greenhouse gases. Solar canopies can also provide shade for plants, allowing for a greater amount of plant diversity on green roofs. One way to encourage green roofs and solar canopies would be to allow for partial reduction in property taxes.

Additional Information / Case Studies

Green Roof at the Dr. Wesley Grant Sr. Southside Center in Asheville | Image Credit: LandDesign


RC1: Sustain and enhance water quality.