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Strategy RC1.5: Promote the use and maintenance of incentives, ordinances, and site design criteria that encourage the use of innovative stormwater management techniques. Encourage the use of green infrastructure to augment traditional stormwater management systems.

Strategy Description

Innovative stormwater management techniques prevent stormwater pollution, which saves money, and provide community amenities. Local governments should encourage the use of features such as rain gardens, green roofs, pervious pavement, stormwater tree trenches, rain barrels, and cisterns in new development to assist in reducing non-point source pollution. The Pigeon River Fund awarded a $28,500 grant to the Land-of-Sky Regional Council to convene the French Broad Stormwater Committee to develop regional stormwater management strategies, educate citizens about stormwater issues, and train stormwater management professionals in the French Broad River and Pigeon River sub-basins. Activities are scheduled to last from June 2013 to June 2014.

Additional Information / Case Studies


RC1: Sustain and enhance water quality.