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Strategy LU2.3: Through economic development strategies, promote lands that have been identified as suitable for target industries.

Strategy Description

Identified industrial lands should be set aside for future industrial and related development, particularly targeted industries, to ensure there is “product” available. Development other than industrial and related employment uses will be discouraged on these sites.

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • The Regional Brownfields Initiative is a long-term program to address the assessment, cleanup and redevelopment of the region’s Brownfields. The initiative promotes the use of existing industrial sites to support economic development in the region.

    • New Belgium's installation of its second brewery in the River Arts District of Asheville is an excellent example of brownfield redevelopment that will lead to a boost in the economy.

Aerial view of the Sierra Nevada brewhouse floor under construction in Mills River | Image Credit: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


LU2: Promote compatible uses and intensities in accordance with the Preferred Scenario.