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Strategy LU2.1: Encourage the alignment of local land use plans with the GroWNC Preferred Scenario.

Strategy Description

The GroWNC Preferred Scenario outlines the following land use assumptions that should be referenced during local land use plan updates to promote the regional vision of the future:

  • Protect prime agricultural land and forestry land by discouraging or prohibiting residential and non-residential development, except in areas designated as prime industrial land or within rural centers.
  • Provide for industrial and supporting employment uses by preserving prime industrial sites.
  • Encourage conservation subdivisions and other low-impact development techniques to limit the fragmentation of prime habitat and ecological corridors.
  • Discourage high-intensity uses in critical watersheds (water supply watersheds, high-quality watersheds, and Outstanding Resource Waters). Investigate effectiveness of land use regulations and design criteria that reduce disturbance and impervious surface in critical watersheds.

Additional Information / Case Studies


LU2: Promote compatible uses and intensities in accordance with the Preferred Scenario.