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Strategy Toolkit

Strategy LU1.1: Focus growth in areas where infrastructure exists for transportation, water, and sewer, with particular emphasis on existing communities.

Strategy Description

Encourage growth where adequate transportation and water/sewer infrastructure exists. Encourage reuse/redevelopment of brownfields and underutilized properties. The following is a basic set of initial steps for local governments to identify focus growth areas that have the following characteristics:

  • The area has underutilized infrastructure
  • The location is pedestrian-friendly
  • The area is close to transit corridors

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • Smart Growth America highlights some of the economic benefits of focusing growth where infrastructure already exists.

    • Genesee County's Smart Growth Plan is focused on revitalizing industrial areas, business districts and residential neighborhoods while encouraging the protection of land suited for agriculture.


LU1: Utilize existing infrastructure and reinforce existing community centers.