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Strategy Toolkit

Strategy HCO8.3: Continue to support and expand programs such as Youth-Empowered Solutions (YES!) throughout the region.

Strategy Description

YES! is a non-profit organization that empowers youth, in partnership with adults, to create community change. They equip high school-aged youth and their adult allies with the tools necessary to take a stand in their communities and create change that will positively impact adolescent health. YES! provides training and support so that partners gain a heightened awareness about their issue of interest, and learn how to identify and take advantage of opportunities to engage in local, national, and international advocacy work. Youth become competent community advocates by receiving training in such areas as public speaking, media literacy, community assessment, gathering community support, working with policymakers, and evaluation. Steps should be taken to expand the role of YES! in GroWNC counties.

Additional Information / Case Studies

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HCO8: Ensure the healthy development of the region’s youth.