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Strategy Toolkit

Strategy HCO6.1: Build upon existing data regarding the geographic distribution of medical facilities to determine the location of gaps relative to population centers.

Strategy Description

Local health agencies should work together to identify the location and service offerings of all health facilities (traditional and holistic) in the region and analyze gaps in the system. From the analysis, a list of prioritized facility needs could inform future infrastructure and facility investments. Agencies should share information across sectors to develop a holistic, comprehensive understanding of the availability of services and the barriers to accessing such services. Geographic information system (GIS) analysis is one tool that could be used to conduct this analysis.

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • The GroWNC MapViewer is a GIS tool that could be used to facilitate such an analysis. Layers included in the MapViewer related to this topic include Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Public Health Centers, Hospitals – 10 min Drive Time, and Healthcare Facilities - 5 min Drive Time.

GroWNC MapViewer Displaying Layers for Hospitals, Medical Facilities, and Public Health Centers | Image Credit: UNC Asheville's NEMAC


HCO6: Improve access to community, holistic, and medical health care options for all, regardless of ethnicity, age, state of disease, or financial resources.