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Economic Development

From entrepreneurs to agribusiness operations and high-tech manufacturers, the region’s strength lies in the ability to support knowledge-based businesses of any size and sector. Craft brewers, clean energy companies, nutraceutical operations, and recreational goods manufacturers all find a place to grow and thrive in the five counties. An innovative, entrepreneurial, and creative workforce drives our diverse economy. A rich culture, unparalleled natural amenities, traditional and holistic health care options, and an accessible community college and university system foster productivity in our five counties and contribute to a highly desirable place to live, work, and grow.

Existing plans, data, and studies were collected, analyzed, and synthesized into an Existing Conditions Report for each topic. Here is a link to the Economic Development Chapter if you’d like to read more. Workgroups were formed around each topic area to review existing conditions, identify issues and goals, and recommend strategies. To learn more about the background of this topic, read the Existing Conditions Report and review the workgroup’s meeting notes and related information on the workgroup’s webpage. The goals identified by all the workgroups are listed in the GroWNC Regional Plan on pages 29-37.

Appalachian Designs in Fletcher | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council The Trailhead Restaurant and Bar in Black Mountain | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council

Sample Strategies

BE4.3: Create a regional activity passport to increase coordination among and attendance to existing tourist destinations. Read more »
BE6.1 : Identify ways to increase coordination and collaboration across the five counties in their efforts to attract and retain businesses, including expanding the network of resources available for new and relocating businesses. Read more »
RC3.3: Preserve productive farmland and soils and support farmers by providing incentives to keep farmland in use. Read more »
AC4.2: Periodically conduct travel-behavior surveys with a component targeted at visitors and tourists. Read more »
EI1.6: Review and update local codes and policies to remove barriers and streamline permitting for commercial and community renewable energy projects. Read more »