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Strategy HCO3.2: Promote access to healthy foods in lower income and rural areas.

Strategy Description

Low-income communities of color and low-income rural areas are most affected by limited access to healthy food. Studies have consistently shown that there are fewer supermarkets and other retail outlets selling affordable, nutritious food in low-income communities than in wealthier ones, and in predominantly African American and Latino neighborhoods than in predominantly white ones. There are numerous barriers to access healthy foods in lower income and rural areas, including lack of convenient hours of operations and transportation options, prices, language, and others. Strategies to address some of the barriers include the following:

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere by addressing language and cultural barriers
  • Offer an appropriate mix that includes basic products
  • Build awareness through informative signage and clear pricing
  • Stage markets in areas easily accessible by public transportation
  • Extend market hours to accommodate alternative shift workers
  • Initiate a mobile market

Additional Information / Case Studies


HCO3: Improve access to healthy foods in all communities throughout the region.