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Strategy HCO2.4: Coordinate health care and supportive services with housing.

Strategy Description

The most successful aging-in-place strategies recognize the interrelationship between health and housing services and reflect this relationship in the design of housing. Coordinating these systems is not easy because the funding streams for health programs and housing programs remain separate from the federal level to the local level. Programmatically, there are many different ways to integrate housing and health care services. For example, home repair and modification can be evaluated and completed in coordination with case management. Hospital discharge plans can address the living environment to which an individual is returning. Senior apartment or condominium buildings can hire part-time service coordinators to help individuals connect with existing services. Programs must be both physically accessible and financially affordable to older adults.

Additional Information / Case Studies


HCO2: Preserve the ability for people to remain in their home or neighborhood as long as possible.