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Strategy HC7.3: Pursue “Green House” homes as a permissible use in single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use zoning districts.

Strategy Description

Dr. Bill Thomas is the creator of the Green House project, a radically new approach to long-term care where nursing homes are torn down and replaced with small, home-like environments where people can live a full and interactive life. In 2005, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announced a five-year, $10 million grant to support the launch of Green House projects in all 50 states.

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • A Green House home is an independent, self-contained home for 6 to 12 people, designed to look like a private home or apartment in the surrounding community. Green House homes are typically licensed as skilled nursing facilities and meet all applicable federal and state regulatory requirements. Each person has a private bedroom and full bathroom, opening to a central hearth/living area and an open kitchen and dining area.

    • The Green House Project

    • Silver Planet — Green Houses Offer Community to Elders


HC7: Promote housing development that is energy efficient.