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Strategy HC7.2 : Improve residential energy efficiency through standards and incentives.

Strategy Description

Buildings have a significant impact on the environment. Jurisdictions throughout the region could work to catalyze residential energy efficiency by setting standards and creating incentives. For example, energy codes establish minimum requirements and guidelines for the performance of new construction and existing homes undergoing substantial renovation. Point-of-sale efficiency upgrade and audit requirements provide a mechanism for reducing energy use in existing homes when they are put up for sale or rent. Other incentive-based programs, including density bonuses, priority field inspections, expedited permitting, and rebates on the purchase and installation of energy-efficient products, reward developers and residents that take steps to reduce energy consumption.

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • The State of Virginia provides information to residents in the state on federal, state, and utility company incentives to offset costs of energy efficiency equipment and upgrades.


HC7: Promote housing development that is energy efficient.