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Strategy HC5.1: Streamline the permitting process for the addition of exterior and interior accessibility features and provide new funding sources/support to help private landlords pay for and install these features, such as ramps and railings/bars.

Strategy Description

While permitting and review processes play an important role in ensuring newly built or renovated homes and apartments meet health, safety, environmental, and other standards, a lengthy or complex approvals process also can lead to unnecessary delays and increased expenses that make it difficult to deliver affordable homes. Policies that expedite the permitting and review process reduce the time, cost, and risk of development. These policies can streamline the overall development approvals process for all homes and apartments and/or can set up special channels through which developers of affordable and accessible homes receive priority consideration for permit requests and other administrative processes.

Additional Information / Case Studies


HC5: Increase the supply of new and existing housing stock that is safe, sanitary, energy efficient, and accessible to the elderly and persons with disabilities.