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Strategy HC4.1: Work with camps, resorts, and farms to create affordable and safe housing opportunities for year-round and temporary workers.

Strategy Description

Many regions that attract a large number of seasonal workers have a critical need for housing to accommodate that workforce. Resort communities across the country use creative strategies, such as the rehabilitation of motels and the securing of shared-use agreements with second home owners, to accommodate their workforce.

For migrant workers, the State of North Carolina sets standards for housing and requires farm operators to submit an application for inspection before migrant housing can be occupied. Many states throughout the country offer programs that support housing development for farm workers. For example, Ohio has a program that provides grants for infrastructure development, new construction, and upgrades of migrant housing. The Agricultural Labor Camp Improvement Program (ALCIP) provides matching grants to the owners and operators of migrant housing. Applicants receive funds on a scheduled basis, with 10 percent of the grant award available in the predevelopment stage, 70 percent during construction or rehabilitation, and 20 percent at the conclusion of construction. All funds must be returned to the state if the migrant camp is not officially licensed by the state.

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HC4: Ensure there are housing options available to the region’s seasonal workforce.