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Strategy HC3.1: Identify opportunities to create multi-generational and/or mixed-income neighborhoods. Support the incorporation of various housing types into existing and new neighborhoods with regulations that allow accessory and attached dwelling units.

Strategy Description

Mixed-income communities provide a continuum of housing available to a diversity of incomes. In addition, multi-generational neighborhoods provide numerous social and economic benefits to a community, such as the ability for more seniors to age in place. Cross-subsidies, land use regulations that allow accessory dwelling units, and density bonuses are just a few methods to encourage the development of mixed-income, multi-generational neighborhoods.

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • The City of Charlotte revised its zoning ordinance to allow accessory dwelling units on all single family lots (one per lot) with no restrictions on age of occupant or his/her relationship to owner or occupant of principal structure


HC3: Recognize the unique needs as well as differences of rural and urban communities and tailor housing planning accordingly.