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Strategy HC2.6: Provide information to large employers to establish employer-assisted housing or housing assistance packages.

Strategy Description

Employers have a vested interest in making sure their workers can afford decent homes close to the workplace, which can help them attract and retain necessary employees. However, most employers are unlikely to take the initiative to invest in affordable housing strategies for their workers without some encouragement from the public or non-profit sectors. Communities can leverage employers’ support for affordable housing in a variety of capacities. State and local governments can maximize the likelihood of employer involvement in housing by offering financial incentives to augment or offset private contributions, and by facilitating collaboration with non-profit organizations that work with interested employers to design and manage housing benefit programs. Communities with limited funds can encourage employers to take a leadership role in advocating for new development and policy changes that can help meet local needs.


HC2: Promote the development of a variety of housing options available to a diversity of income levels.