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Strategy EI4.2: Develop educational materials and host energy expos, seminars, workshops, and online educational campaigns on the benefits of renewable energy, energy conservation, funding and incentive programs, and energy efficiency using local and other examples.

Strategy Description

Building awareness is key to ensuring long-term change. Communication strategies should increase energy awareness, connect individual actions to long-term impacts, and demonstrate the benefits of energy conservation and alternative energy production. The NC Sustainable Energy Association has a number of energy factsheets that could be tailored for the GroWNC region. In addition, the Biofuels Center of North Carolina awards funds to academic institutions, economic development organizations, non-profit corporations, and other entities through an annual competitive awards process. Grants and contracts are designed to identify and bridge gaps in knowledge and information, speed up the development of technology, and create a seamless continuum between agriculture and transportation fuels.

The Clean Vehicles Coalition Booth at Bele Chere 2012 | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council


EI4: Strengthen regional energy literacy through public education and outreach to create energy-conscious communities in the region.