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Strategy EI3.7: Implement an electric vehicle (EV) course at local community colleges for auto technicians and others to familiarize workforce with servicing plug-in EVs.

Strategy Description

Expand the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) program at Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock campus, to other local community colleges. NAFTC is a pioneer and national leader in developing, managing, and promoting programs and activities that lead to energy independence and encourage the greater use of cleaner transportation. NAFTC is the only nationwide alternative fuel vehicle and advanced technology vehicle training organization in the United States. It is NAFTC’s mission to provide the training infrastructure for implementing widespread use of alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles, and advanced technology vehicles, in an effort to increase our nation’s energy security and improve our air quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation system.

Additional Information / Case Studies

Plug-In Electric Charging Station in Asheville | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council


EI3: Strengthen transportation sector energy performance and reduce petroleum dependency through the promotion of alternative fuels, clean vehicles, and programs to reduce demand.