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Strategy EI3.5: Identify tools and strategies to assist businesses and governments in identifying easily-achievable tasks to save fuel and reduce environmental impacts.

Strategy Description

Example actions include idle reduction, the use of biofuels, and low-emission and energy-efficient vehicle purchasing tools.

The North Carolina State Energy Office administers the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) Credit Banking and Selling Program, which enables the state to generate funds from the sale of EPAct 1992 credits. The funds that EPAct credit sales generate are deposited into the Alternative Fuel Revolving Fund (the Fund) for state agencies to offset the incremental costs of purchasing biodiesel blends of at least 20 percent (B20) or ethanol blends of at least 85 percent (E85), developing alternative fueling infrastructure, and purchasing alternative fuel vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. Funds are distributed to state departments, institutions, and agencies in proportion to the number of EPAct credits generated by each. For the purposes of this program, alternative fuels include 100 percent biodiesel (B100), biodiesel blends of at least B20, ethanol blends of at least E85, compressed natural gas, propane, and electricity. The Fund also covers additional projects approved by the Energy Policy Council.

Blue Ridge Biofuels Biodiesel Tank | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council


EI3: Strengthen transportation sector energy performance and reduce petroleum dependency through the promotion of alternative fuels, clean vehicles, and programs to reduce demand.