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Strategy EI3.2: Continue to install electric vehicle charging stations throughout the region.

Strategy Description

Electric vehicle charging stations provide many benefits both for the owner of the car and parking area. Charging stations attract tenants that are willing to pay a premium for sustainable features. In addition, the stations could provide a new fee-based revenue model for non-tenant users. Electric vehicle charging stations also build social capital in the community and ultimately help the environment. According to the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook, “charging station ownership models vary. Some charging station hosts may purchase, install, and operate stations themselves. This model gives the host or owner control of the station and allows them to keep all revenues. Other organizations will contract with a third party who pays the station equipment, installation, and maintenance costs and manages the logistics in return for lease payments or a share of the station’s revenue. This model minimizes the host’s upfront costs and administrative responsibilities.”

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • Identify and approach key stakeholders about hosting charging stations

    • IKEA stores

Electric Charging Station in Black Mountain | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council


EI3: Strengthen transportation sector energy performance and reduce petroleum dependency through the promotion of alternative fuels, clean vehicles, and programs to reduce demand.