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Strategy EI3.1: Promote incentives for purchasing low energy and energy-efficient vehicles.

Strategy Description

In addition to lowering gas bills, energy-efficient products eligible for the federal tax credits actually lower the amount of federal income taxes that an individual must pay. These tax incentives have been very effective in building consumer interest in energy-efficient vehicles. Highway-capable, battery-powered, plug-in vehicles purchased or leased new may be available for a credit of up to $7,500, based on their battery capacity, under section 30D of the tax code. Local non-profits should work to promote awareness of the incentives to encourage consumer interest in energy efficient vehicles.

Additional Information / Case Studies

Plug-In Electric Charging Station in Asheville | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council


EI3: Strengthen transportation sector energy performance and reduce petroleum dependency through the promotion of alternative fuels, clean vehicles, and programs to reduce demand.