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Strategy EI2.7: Identify tools and strategies to assist businesses and governments in identifying easily-achievable tasks to save electricity and reduce environmental impacts.

Strategy Description

Energy efficiency assessments are one tool businesses and governments can use to gain valuable insight into the condition of their facilities and provide a framework for improvements to lower energy use and cost. Several non-profit organizations around the United States provide no-cost energy assessments to existing commercial institution and industrial buildings. For example, Clean Energy Coalition is a Regional Technical Assistance provider for Rebuild Michigan. This statewide initiative promotes energy efficiency for Michigan’s commercial and public buildings. Clean Energy Coalition performs Introductory Energy Evaluations for commercial buildings located within southeast Michigan at no cost for a set number of buildings each year. Trained commercial energy auditing teams can examine a building’s energy needs and outline the best strategy to lower energy costs and harness renewable resources. In addition to assessments, jurisdictions should offer incentives that encourage energy conservation and low impact development techniques, such as solar panels on parking garages.


EI2: Improve residential, commercial, and industrial sector energy performance through the promotion of sustainable design, energy efficiency, conservation, and advanced energy analytics.