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Strategy EI1.7: Develop policies to encourage installation of on-site, locally-sourced renewable energy systems for local government facilities and schools for energy, education, conservation, cost savings, and efficiency.

Strategy Description

To meet the GroWNC region’s goal to increase the deployment of price-competitive, clean, and locally-produced renewable energy, the barriers to implementation must be addressed. Ordinances that encourage the development of small-scale renewable energy installations are an important step to promoting the use of these energy sources. Madison County adopted a new land use ordinance in May 2010, which includes provisions for permitting wind turbines within the county. The ordinance establishes permitting classifications for small, medium, and large wind projects, setback requirements, and restrictions to reduce noise and shadow flicker produced by large facilities. Requirements for the installation, design, and decommissioning of systems are also addressed in the ordinance.

Additional Information / Case Studies

Madison County Wind for Schools Event | Image Credit: LandDesign


EI1: Support the advancement of the region’s clean energy economy to drive innovation and entrepreneurship, create high-wage jobs, and foster business activity.