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Strategy BE6.3: Develop case studies of incentives to promote and encourage living-wage jobs.

Strategy Description

Not all jobs are created equal. Good jobs provide wages that sustain a decent quality of life. Too many jobs throughout the GroWNC region offer poverty-level wages with little or no benefits. These are not the kind of jobs that will help the region’s economy grow and prosper. Incentives are one tool economic developers can use to attract employers that offer living-wage jobs. At a minimum, living wages provide the income necessary to meet basic needs. A regional study is needed to not only understand what types of incentives attract higher wage companies, but more broadly how higher wage standards affect economic development and employment.

Additional Information / Case Studies

    • Just Economics provides certification for local businesses that pay their employees a living wage. They work to improve working conditions in the region.


BE6: Promote a business-friendly environment.