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The stories below highlight local projects aligned with the GroWNC recommendations and strategies. Many of these projects grew from ideas and collaborations created during the GroWNC planning process.

Westwood Cohousing in Asheville | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council
Barriers to Fair Housing Choice Report
Mon, 10/14/2013

As part of the GroWNC effort, the Land-of-Sky Regional Council partnered with the City of Asheville and the Asheville Regional Housing Consortium to develop an Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice across the five counties included in the GroWNC region. Such an analysis is mandated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a condition of receiving federal grant funds, which also requires cities and counties with populations over 10,000 to update their analysis... (read more)

Waste Reduction Partners Scientist Elaine Marten at General Shale | Image Credit: Waste Reduction Partners
Waste Reduction Partners
Wed, 09/04/2013

Waste Reduction Partners, a team of highly experienced volunteer and retired engineers and scientists, provides North Carolina businesses, industries, and institutions with waste, water, and energy reduction assessments and technical assistance. The WRP team conducts on-site assessments and provides consulting services to businesses and public facilities throughout North Carolina. The program focuses on pollution prevention, operating efficiency improvements, and cost effectiveness. WRP... (read more)

Carol displays ramps | Image Credit: Land-of-Sky Regional Council
WNC AgriVentures
Wed, 09/04/2013

WNC AgriVentures is a GroWNC implementation project centered on the agricultural and nature-based sector, a high-potential industry cluster in the region. GroWNC workgroups have identified this sector as a priority for regional economic development, with potential for growth in numerous product chains, including the local beverage industry, natural products, biofuels, local foods, green building, outdoor recreation, and eco/agri-tourism. Partners Land-of-Sky Regional Council, AdvantageWest,... (read more)

Construction of the Sierra Nevada Brewhouse in Mills River | Image Credit: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Industrial Lands Analysis
Wed, 09/04/2013

In order to ensure that a quality supply of development-ready sites throughout the region are identified, the GroWNC process includes an Industrial Lands Analysis. This process began with a land use modeling exercise that helped to identify available, suitable parcels throughout the region. Characteristics of individual parcels were collected to indicate their suitability for industrial development, including proximity to other industrial uses, availability of utilities, and access to... (read more)

Appalachian Community Capital Initiative
Wed, 09/04/2013

In June 2013, the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) announced the creation of Appalachian Community Capital (ACC), a new central bank for development lenders that will increase the availability of capital to small businesses in the 13-state Appalachian Region.

For growing businesses in Appalachia, finding capital is difficult, as a number of systemic factors have limited the sources of available capital. According to recent studies, Appalachian small businesses receive only 82... (read more)